Accidental Pig Artist

The other day while we were constructing a family of styrofoam cup people, Lily became determined to add a dog to the mix.

The family was us. I’m the one with the long red hair. The dog she wanted me to create was supposed to be our dog Lumpy. I couldn’t figure out how to accomplish this. The cups just looked wrong as a dog. I’d been saving an egg carton to make caterpillars, but I couldn’t figure out how to make one look like a dog without a nose sticking out. So I anchored the bottom of a styrofoam cup to the egg carton to make… a pig.

Crap, it looked just like a pig when it was supposed to be a dog. What now? Well, I thought, maybe it would look more like a dog after I covered in it tissue paper.

Nope. Still a pig.

So then I decided to give it some dog ears. I tried to make big floppy dog ears out of tissue paper, but Lily got upset because Lumpy doesn’t have big floppy dog ears. He has little folded triangle ears that he’s shy about showing in pictures.

So I made little floppy triangle ears and…

Pig. I mean, there’s no way that’s not a pig. If I had covered it in pink, you’d all be in awe over what a brilliant pig sculptor I am. Too bad it’s supposed to be a dog.

I apologized to Lily that I didn’t know how to make a dog and she said “It’s ok, Mommy, we can pretend it’s Lumpy. It looks like a pig, but it’s Lumpy.” And I was overly proud of her considering her recent inability to see pretend like her decorated cereal box was a bat cave.

I added a pom pom to the pig’s Lumpy’s nose in an attempt to make it look more dog-like, but he’s still a dead-on for a pig.


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