Auto Hell

I’ve discussed this before, but automatic flush is my absolute least favorite part of trying to use a public toilet with a newly potty trained(ish) child. The flush often goes off before it’s supposed to and leads to my child fleeing across the stall screaming and in tears. Such an event happened yesterday, leading to Lily yelling “I’m scared! I’m so scared! Why did it flush? I wasn’t done! I don’t like that!”

Why do we need autoflush? Germs? Taking care of people who forget to flush?

I was never worried about toilet germs. We wash our hands after we use the restroom. I grew up flushing the toilet with my own hands and while, yes, I was a sickly kid, I probably would have been a sickly kid either way. The introduction of autoflush didn’t improve my health. Did it improve yours?

If they are trying to take care of people who don’t flush, I’d wager an equal number of auto-flush toilets malfunction and don’t flush when they are supposed to. I’d also imagine the repair costs for an auto-flush toilet have to be more expensive than those of a regular toilet.

So why must we have these things everywhere? What was so wrong with regular toilets?

You’re scaring the children! Bring back the manual flush (or install those awesome Kohlers I posted about before).



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  1. Becca

    Let’s not forget the incident in which my cell phone went down the auto flusher. Blasts! Also, I had a friend at that stupid 4-H choir camp who was 14 or so and still afraid of the auto flush because her mother had told her that there was a little man that hung out behind the wall and flushed the toilet when she was done peeing. Bad lie. Very scary.

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