Book WTF: One White Horse

This “Sing Along Song” book is in constant use at our house.

But my daughter is really troubled by one of its illustrations.

The illustration for the song “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain” is of a girl riding ONE white horse. As the song says, “She’ll be driving SIX white horses when she comes”. Why on earth is there only one horse in this illustration?

I know it’s just representational, but Lily is really bothered by it. She talks about it endlessly. I have on video part of a 20 minute conversation she had on the phone with my mother about how the book has the wrong word. She starts going on about it at about the 34 second mark here, though talked about it much more before I got out the camera.

“No, not six. One! There’s only ONE white horse, right Nonni? We need a new book. This book has the wrong word!” according to Lily.

I showed her a new book in the store and how there’s still only one white horse in it… or that the word is “six” instead of “one” (she can read), but she still thinks there’s a new book out there somewhere that says “She’ll be driving one white horse when she comes”.

Really, the lyrics to this song are extremely well known. It’s ridiculous that they only drew one horse… and had the girl riding the horse instead of driving them from a buggy or wagon or something. WTF, publisher/illustrator?


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  1. Susan W.

    Oh that is horrible. That is enough to make me throw out a book. (I’m not kidding either, stuff like that drives me nuts.) I feel for her!

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