Inside the House

Ever since I drew houses on plastic containers for Lily’s Little People grandparents and great grandparents, Lily’s Little People family has been constantly loading into the Little People car to visit them. She makes sure the houses are in separate rooms to represent the distance she has to travel to see everyone.

My grandparents live in a yellow stacking cubby.

They have an African grey parrot I was forced to draw in their window, even though the bird is not at all visible from the outside of the house.

What’s inside their “house”? The same thing that’s inside my parents’ Little People “house”.

A bunch of people just standing around. Do these Little People play or talk or interact once they end their long journey to my grandparents’ house? Nope. They all just scurry inside to have the house put over them. The same thing happens over at my parents’ red Little People house and barn.

It’s about as thrilling to play as you can imagine, but it cracks me up to watch all the Little People disappear under one tubby to “visit” each other and that the visits involve no actual words. All the Little People do is travel back and forth between houses.

Someday the plot must thicken, right? I remember having elaborate plots with my dolls, but I guess that comes later?

Or maybe this is accurate role playing and  my family just sits around staring at the walls and I haven’t noticed?

Who knows.


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