Not a Princess

Even though soccer went horribly, I didn’t pull Lily out of the ballet class we’d already enrolled her in. For one thing, we’d already invested in a leotard, tights and dance shoes, for another, the class sounded completely awesome. It was called Fantasy Princess Ballet. For 40 minutes, the girls get to dress in princess gowns and learn how to dance to princess music while reenacting stuff from princess movies. True, my daughter hasn’t been big into costumes or princess movies, but it was hard for me to see how any little girl wouldn’t love a class like this. I would have LOVED to take a class like this when I was her age… or now. I didn’t care what she said, she was taking this class! It’s all about ME! ;)

The first day of ballet, I was pleasantly surprised by how excited she was to put on her ballet clothes and go to the studio. She kept saying “Can I dance now? How about now? Is it time to dance yet?” When we got there, a class of older kids was dancing in a large windowed studio and Lily freaked out. She wanted to go in with them. Good signs! This was going to work.

So we go into the classroom and all 15 little girls are enthusiastically changing into princess costumes. There’s a fantastic selection and I wish I could dress up with them! The girls were having so much fun.

So I ask Lily what costume she wants to wear and she says “Nothing,” or more specifically “Nothwin”. I point out that everyone else is wearing costumes and she says “I’m already wearing a costume. I’m dressed like a ballerina. I just want to be a ballerina!”

I point out that she’d STILL be a ballerina in the princess outfit, just a ballerina dressed like a princess.

“I just want to be a ballerina everyday. I don’t want to be a princess!”

And so, that’s how my daughter ended up being the only child in a class of 15 who doesn’t want to wear a princess costume in her Fantasy Princess Ballet class.

In a way, it’s sort of a plus. The parents watch the dance class on a monitor in the lobby, but the video quality is somewhat poor. Since all the (mostly blonde) girls are wearing similar princess costumes, it’s almost impossible to tell them apart. My friend spends the whole class trying to determine which one is her daughter! I can tell right away who Lily is– she’s the only one not wearing a dress. (This also makes her stand out badly to the other parents when she twirls around and doesn’t sit still when the teacher is talking to them. Everyone has commented on what the little girl in black is doing.)

I’d say maybe it was a first dance class thing, but our LAST dance class is this week and she’s not worn a princess costume for ANY of the classes. I’d be a little more disappointed that the princess aspect of the dance class was lost on her, but she’s so enthusiastic and happy about ballet that the class was completely worth it.



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