Soccer Sufferers

Recently I made a horrible mistake. It’s the kind of mistake my husband will not let me live down. Really, I’m lucky he doesn’t divorce me over this.

I signed him up to “help” coach Lily’s first soccer team.

Now, in my defense he always had the choice to tell them he didn’t want to do it, but he didn’t. I figured he’d just give the head coach a hand. I mean, we were going to be there anyway, might as well help out.

Little did we know that “help” coach with this league means “actually get your own team of eight 3-to-4-year-olds to coach all by yourself even though you have zero knowledge of soccer”.

My husband had to pretend like he knew how to play soccer for 2 months.

I was in big trouble over this one.

My husband dutifully attended practices and games in the rain and cold, all so Lily could have her dad as a soccer coach. It was an awful unseasonably cold and wet soccer season, but my husband attended every single game and practice (that weren’t canceled).

Perhaps it wouldn’t have been so bad. Perhaps it could have been a great bonding experience between Lily and her dad, except for one thing. Lily. Lily absolutely hated soccer.

When Lily went out on the field, she just held her dad’s hand as he chased everyone around the field. A soccer star she is not.

Clearly holding Daddy's hand is exactly what you should be doing when your team has possession of the ball.

In fact, halfway through the season she started refusing to play. We’d go to practice and games and sit on the sidelines. So, at some point we stopped going. What was the point? She hated it and wouldn’t play, and it was difficult for me to entertain both of our kids in often uncomfortable weather.

Lily rolling her eyes over how much she hates soccer.

But my husband still had to go even though his daughter was not there because he was the coach. He didn’t even have an assistant. He was the only one coaching this team and he had to keep going even though the only reason he agreed to coach was to spend more time with his daughter. He ended up spending less time with her because of soccer because he was gone 2+ hours a week taking care of this responsibility.

I will never live this down.

Needless to say, I am not allowed to ever sign him up to “help” coach anything ever again.

On the last day of soccer practice, my husband was told he’d be compensated with a token of appreciation for his volunteer work. Look what he got.

A voucher for free soccer next year! Yay!

Just what we need!

Obviously, we will not be using this. Or EVER signing Lily up for a team sport again unless she BEGS us to do it. Too bad Rose won’t be big enough to play soccer next year. That kid was begging to go on the field.

We signed the wrong kid up for soccer and it caused us to have a miserable spring.


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