The Friendship Bracelet

Ever the fashion plate, my mother wears a hair tie around her wrist at all times. An avid equestrian who owns a small boarding stable, my mom spends even more time managing the poop of others than I do. While shoveling out those stalls, sometimes she gets an urge to have her hair tied back. She keeps the hair tie around her wrist so she’s always able to tie her hair back at a moment’s notice. My sister, a pediatric resident, wears an identical hair tie around her wrist for similar emergencies. My mom and sister have an inside joke that their hair ties are friendship bracelets.

Lily believes them and insisted on our last visit there that we ALL wear the friendship bracelets. Lily was at my mom’s house and brought back friendship bracelets for Rose, my grandparents and me.

Even my 81-year-old grandparents, who usually only wear fine jewelry, put on the “friendship bracelets”. And in fact, the friendship bracelets were the only way we could get Lily to pose for a picture with them.

Lily has been wearing her friendship bracelet most days. I wonder what’s going to happen when she realizes it’s actually a hair tie?

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