The Worst Changing Station

Last year I wrote about how changing stations are never put in convenient locations. If a store even has the luxury of a changing station, it either blocks the path to the restroom stalls or is placed to closely to something with an automatic trigger, which goes off whenever you move.

The worst changing station situation I’ve come across is in every Indiana Tollway rest stop.

First of all, where are you supposed to stand to change your kid? Oh, at the bottom of their legs? I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t fly with me. I mean, I can change a diaper from just about any angle, but my most skilled and practiced angle is with the baby horizontal to my front with her butt by my right hand. Changing her with her butt toward me is just plain awkward.

To the right, there’s absolutely not enough room to stand. I mean, I guess I could squeeze between the counter and the changing station, but it wouldn’t be comfortable. Besides, my butt would probably set off that automatic sink somehow. If I were standing there, I’d probably want to put my bag on the counter, but chances are it would fall in the automatic sink and get soaked.

I COULD possibly change her to the left of the station. I’d block the door to the stall that’s just outside this picture, and while I was changing her I’d repeatedly set off the automatic blow dryer right by her head. This would be uncomfortable and annoying for me, and disturbing enough to Rose to make her cry. This station is almost unusable.

I suppose it could be worse. There might not be a changing station here at all. I should be thankful for what I get, right?

But seriously, there has to be a better way. I’m not sure where they should be putting this station, but putting it here just makes changing Rose’s diaper that much more unpleasant. And yes, I could be changing her in the car. And I do. But when I’m traveling alone with the girls and it’s an emergency potty stop for Lily and Rose is poopy, I’m not about to head back outside with both of them.

So, businesses everywhere, I beg of you to consider how these changing stations are being used. This sort of set up just doesn’t work for any of us.



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  1. Susan W.

    We don’t have a changing table at home, so we always change on the floor, which works out to Simon’s legs facing us. I HATE changing tables that are horizontal! lol That setup is actually perfect for me, but I can totally see why it isn’t for a lot of parents! I am a HUGE fan of changing counters, not those stupid plastic fold-down things. Counters can be adapted for any parent.

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