Too Many Dogs

As you’ll recall, my parents were living in the giant plastic tubby we were using to store all the Little People. This meant every time Lily wanted to play that the Little People were visiting her grandparents, she had to dump every single Little People piece on the floor. This was catastrophic. We have a virtual army of Little People. We could probably open our own Little People toy store. There was a ton of tiny pieces on the floor that took forever to put away. I had to do something to contain the Little People madness.

So I got a bunch of smaller containers and divided up the Little People army so that when they were dumped, the mess wouldn’t be so insane. My parents’ “house” got left in the basement amid my reorganization efforts and Lily noticed. She wanted Nonni and Poppy’s “house” back.

We weren’t using the “house” to store Little People anymore and I was tired of looking at an empty plastic tub, so I decided to create a better “house” for them without investing $35+ in another Little People house. I took one of the tubbies I’d bought to organize our playroom and used my amazing artistic talent to transform it into a house.

It is a masterpiece, as you can see. As I was drawing, Lily was yelling “They have two cats! You need to draw two cats in the window!”

So I did.

Then she said “They have two birds too!”

So I drew two birds.

L: “And they have two dogs! Dusty and Snickers! Right, Mommy?”

Me: “Right!”

She was super excited about Nonni and Poppy’s new house, but got upset when she actually went to go play with it. She has a MegaBloks dog she pretends is Snickers (actually our dog Lumpy’s biological mother. True story.).

L: “Oh no! There’s too many dogs! We already have Snickers right here. Only one dog should be in the window. Now there’s three dogs instead of two dogs.”

Me: “Well, you could pretend that dog is Lumpy. Lumpy always stays at Nonni and Poppy’s when we go to visit.”

L: “Oh. Yes. The dogs are Lumpy and Dusty (who is actually Lumpy’s biological sister).”

But then she played a bit more and got really upset when our family arrived at Nonni and Poppy’s new house with Little People Lumpy in the toy car.

L: “Mommy, there are too many dogs! This can’t be Lumpy in the window. Lumpy is right here!”

L: “I don’t want there to be four dogs. There should be three dogs! Not four dogs. We have a problem. You need to fix the house and take one dog out of the window.”

Me: “Shut up. You are too good at math.”

Ok, I did NOT say that. But sometimes I THINK it.

What I REALLY said: “Well, maybe that’s Snowball?” (Snowball is my sister’s dog AND Lumpy’s biological brother. My family is nuts… about Australian shepherds.)

But then I remembered we had ANOTHER Little People dog. Maybe I needed to make a new house because I HAD to draw two dogs in the window. What was I thinking?

Me: “Oh wait, is this dog Dusty or Snowball?”

L: “No. That’s the Hanukkah dog. He only goes with the Hanukkah Little People.”

Me: “But you could pretend he’s Dusty…”

L: “NO! That’s too silly! He’s only a Hannukah Little People dog.”


So, we’ve officially come to the conclusion that the two dogs in the window of my parents’ new “house” are my parents’ dog Dusty (Lumpy’s sister) and my sister’s dog Snowball (Lumpy’s brother), who has come to visit from Wisconsin.

I’m glad we got that whole mess sorted out.

Tomorrow: A rant about chocolate chips. Yes, chocolate chips. Friday: What happens in these new Little People houses, aside from ongoing debates about if the correct amount of dogs were drawn on the window.



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