Toy WTF: Biodegradable High Chair

We interrupt all this bathroom talk for a very important late breaking Toy WTF. My friend Jen just sent me this.

It is a biodegradable portable high chair made out of recycled materials. (Click on the link. It’s worth it.)

Looks… safe.

I don’t even have anything to say about this besides REALLY? A cardboard high chair?

I think I’ll stick to putting the baby in someone’s lap.


This kid more accurately portrays how I feel about this chair. Thanks for the link, Maurina!



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6 Responses to Toy WTF: Biodegradable High Chair

  1. Oh yeah, I want that for our next kid, TOTALLY.

  2. MoParadise

    I like this picture even more better conveys what the child really thinks of this item.

  3. Nicole

    Ewww I bet it would be gross to clean!

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