And So It Begins

While we were getting ready for bed the other day, Rose turned to me and said “UH! Mommy! Poop!” She hadn’t pooped yet, but it was clear that one was coming.

“Do you want to try to put your poop in the potty?” I asked.

And lo and behold the child whose favorite word is “no” said “yes”.

So we ran to the potty and made it there on time. A tiny pebble of poop was deposited before she got weirded out and stopped trying. Still, this tiny poop was worthy of major celebration at our house. We all cheered, including Lily, and ran and got her a jelly bean.

This, combined with her recently correctly asking me with words to be changed when she’s wet or poopy, indicates to me that she may be ready to potty train before her big sister.

But, because of my last potty training nightmare I have no desire to get back in the game right now. Or ever, really. I mean, clearly I have this second child here that will eventually need to be potty trained, but I dream of a world where she magically starts doing her business without my doing extra laundry or suffering for OVER A YEAR.

It has to go better this time, right? I mean, Lily STILL doesn’t tell me if she’s wet. Just Rose telling me these things has to be a good sign, right? Right?

I’d say it can’t go any worse than it did last time, but with Lily we never had any poop accidents so I guess it COULD be a lot worse.

But surely potty training couldn’t LAST any longer than it did last time in a child who shows signs of being smart, right?

Yes, I'm talking about potty training a child who refuses to drink milk out of anything that's not a bottle.

I will put Rose on the potty when it’s convenient, but I’ve made a pledge to myself not to do anything heavy duty until 26 months, the recommended start age in the potty training e-book I used to train Lily. Maybe we can really get this done in 3 days and then not have a million regressions?

I doubt it.

I’ll tell you one thing, there’ s no way in hell I’m becoming a bag lady again. This kid will be forced to suck it up and sit on public toilets without a potty seat. At least I say this now. We’ll see if she cooperates.

EDIT: I wrote and scheduled this post about 2 weeks ago. Since then, Rose has put no further poop or pee in the potty although she does tell me she is wet or poopy. I guess that first event was a false alarm, but it’s still a world of difference from her 3.75 year old sister who was wet today and didn’t tell me until I felt it when she sat in my lap.



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6 Responses to And So It Begins

  1. I might be able to save you from becoming the two bag lady again.

    Behold lightweight fold up potty seats, in their own reusable plastic container that can easily fit in a diaper bag.

    • Thanks. We actually tried a folding potty seat, but it was very unstable. This one looks a little more stable but we had such a bad experience last time that we’ll probably avoid it.

  2. Rose will probably be easier since she will want to be like Lily and wear big girl underwear. That said- whenever I ask Grace is she wants to wear big girl underwear like my Lily she tells me “No!”. I’m afraid we will be in diapers over here for a long time. I wanted to start potty training her this summer but with transitioning to the toddler bed and with a new baby coming- I can’t do too many transitions at once. Lily was potty-trained at 26 months and wearing underwear at night by 29-30 months and I have come to realize that every child is different and Grace will probably be potty trained sometime in the next 1.5 years as opposed to in 2 months :) Why can’t they just wake up one day and be potty trained?!? LOL

  3. I’d say go ahead and potty train Rose if she is ready. Take your cues from her, support her going to the potty and celebrate her victories. Maybe by “ignoring” Lily through focusing on Rose’s accomplishments with the potty, Lily might get jealous and try to do better at pottying like a big girl, telling you when she needs to go etc because she doesn’t want to be “outdone” by her little sister and she will want to act the big sister and set a good example for Rose.

    Its a little reverse psychology that may help you end up with 2 potty trained kids sooner than you think possible.

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