Last weekend the girls became absolutely ecstatic when we came home with the last two “actual movie size” Toy Story toys they needed. We now have three Pizza Planet aliens.

We weren’t even planning on buying toys that day and, in fact, had bought OTHER toys that very week for no good reason, but Toy Story aliens have been slim for the pickings lately. When we saw them, we knew they had to come home. At the last minute, I threw in a “Oh, wait! You get these aliens because you stayed dry this week… yeah, that’s it.”

Since we brought them home, every time Rose sees one of them she yells “EMI!”  (Pronounced “Ee-Me”.)

Now, Rose speaks VERY clearly for a 20 month old. We can almost always tell what she’s saying, and this is very clearly “Emi” and not a toddler bastardization of “alien”.

“Emi” is what my girls call their aunt. “Imo” (ee-mo) is Korean for mother’s sister, but my sister and I thought it would be more fun to spell it “Emo”. When Lily started talking, she called my sister “Emi” and we liked that better than “Emo”, so that’s what the girls have called her ever since.

So, we have reason to believe Rose thinks the Pizza Planet alien is her Aunt Emi.

Actually, that’s a pretty accurate assessment.



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3 Responses to Emi

  1. Becca

    Accurate indeed.

  2. Katie S

    Do these Aliens talk?

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