Friday Funnies: How to Lose Your Bedtime Story v. 2.0

And now, another crudely-drawn cartoon.

Lily knows how to put on both her pull-up and pjs without any trouble. She isn’t trying to make a joke by putting it on wrong, she’s just trying to procrastinate and get me to help her. We go through this every night and it makes her bedtime routine take forever. I’ve started giving her to the count of five with consequences to put on her pjs. Usually this works, but that particular night she still pretended like her shirt was impossible to put on. It wasn’t.

That night she ended up sleeping in just a pull-up because after I walked out of the room she never attempted to put on her pjs.

Isn’t bedtime fun?

Good news, everyone, I bought proper drawing equipment. The crudely-drawn cartoons will be slightly less crude starting next week!



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2 Responses to Friday Funnies: How to Lose Your Bedtime Story v. 2.0

  1. Trigem

    Isn’t bedtime fun? My 3 year old doesn’t stall but once she is in bed, she gets up a million times.
    I “regot” to give you a hug. I “regot” to get a drink. I have to go potty. On and on forever.
    I seriously would like one of the force fields you use in Lily’s room.

    • The force field is pretty nifty in that regard, although lately she’ll sneak out while I’m putting Rose to bed and say “I just need YOU, Mommy.” I send her packing.

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