Friday Funnies: How to Lose Your Bedtime Story

And now another crudely-drawn cartoon based on a true story.

Lily asks to eat after she brushes her teeth at least every other night. We have been on her case to eat a snack before she goes upstairs, but she always claims she is not hungry or refuses to eat what we offer. Then, the second she’s tucked in she asks for food. We’ve put the “no food after you get upstairs” rule in place. Add that to the constant reminders I give her to pee before she puts on her pull-up and then NOT pee in her pull-up if she’s awake and you’ll probably understand why I walked out of her room without her precious bedtime stories.

Because no.

V. 2.0 of “How to Lose Your Bedtime Story” is in queue for next Friday.


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