Horse Drama

The Fourth of July was a dream come true for Rose, who finally got to ride a horse for the first time.

“Finally?” you say, “Isn’t she only 1 1/2?”

Well, yes. That’s true. She’s only 1 1/2, but in my family 1 1/2 is practically old age for the first horse ride. My mother has had horses my whole life and owns a small boarding stable, as well as a large assortment of bizarre animals. I was allegedly on a horse’s back by the time I was 6 months old.

So waiting until 1 1/2 to put Rose on a horse’s back was practically conservative. Rose was already putting all her dolls on horses’ backs and wild about rocking horses, so this ride was long overdue.

As we anticipated, she was a horse fan.

She loved it so much that when we tried to take her off the horse, she threw a fit. We let her go around some more, but it was really her big sister’s turn to ride. Eventually, we had to take her off.

There was quite a theatrical show about the injustice that was done to her.

We had hoped that when Lily got on to ride, Rose would be interested in watching her.

But instead, she got jealous. The theatrics continued. Even being held by Daddy could not stop the drama.

Rose cried the entire time her sister rode the horse. It was quite impressive.

The only solution to this problem?

We let her back on. How could we not?

If she thinks we’re buying her a horse, she’s sorely mistaken.

Guess what happened when we tried to take her off again? As much as she loved it, I think her first ride induced more tears than smiles. If only she could stay on top of a horse forever.


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  1. That reminds me of a time my sister and I were little. She and I are 4 years apart, so we shared most everything when we were younger. Our town had a local “amusement” park. It had a few kiddie rides, a petting zoo, etc etc….

    Anyways, she was probably about 2 or 3 and I was 6 or 7. There was a caterpillar ride that went around in a figure 8, on the ground. Well, unexpectedly, my sister LOVED it, AND threw a tantrum when it was time for her to get off the ride. We have video of her and I going around this ride about 3-4 times in a row, because she refused to get off the ride. Since there wasn’t a long line, the operator didn’t mind, and because I was big sister, I had to ride with her. By the 4th time, you can see me crossing my arms on the video and looking VERY unamused. LOL

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