More Fun with Shipping

I know you all are just DYING to hear if our swing set ever arrived.

Or maybe you don’t care at all.

Whatever the case, here’s the latest on the Swing Set Saga.

When we last left Swing Set Drama Manor, it was 4:30 pm-ish and I still hadn’t gotten a call to warn me (not ask me) about what 4-hour window of time my swing set would arrive the next day. At 7:30 pm, my phone rang. And we couldn’t find it before it went to voicemail. We were cursing at each other for missing an important call.

Don’t worry, “they” called back again 2 minutes later. “They” were an automated voice message informing us that we needed to be home between 3 and 7 pm Wednesday to receive “a package”.

A COMPUTER told us less than 24 hours before our swing set was due that we HAD to be home after regular business hours. There was no way for us to say “Oh, that time doesn’t work for us” or even confirm that we could be there because a COMPUTER called us. The computer repeated itself twice with a phone number to call if there were issues, but if you didn’t have a pen or a really great memory, that information was gone awfully quickly… and probably led to a customer service facility that wasn’t open anyway.

It seems to me that when you pay a place $950 for something, they should at least have a HUMAN call you to make sure the window they gave you works. I said Wednesday was an ok day for us, but I think most of us would assume WEDNESDAY meant something like 8 am to 5 pm, not 7 pm. What if we had an evening commitment? Apparently we were supposed to have 24 hours free when they said “Wednesday”.

So, Wednesday was a waiting game. We waited and waited and waited.

Guess what time our swing set arrived? 3? 4? 5? 6?

Nope. 7:45 pm.

Exciting moment that should have happened nearly 5 hours earlier.

That’s right, they had a FOUR HOUR window to deliver this package and they were still 45 minutes late and didn’t call us about it until about 7:20 when I was already enraged and calling customer service, which closed at 7:30, but directed me to leave a message or call back tomorrow.


Whatever, the case, it’s here now and somehow we are expected to transform this

I thought you said I was getting a swing set!

and this

into this

Fictional swing set that will magically appear in our yard next week.

Man, Gorilla has a lot more confidence in us than we do.



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4 Responses to More Fun with Shipping

  1. Jennifer

    are you building it yourself????

  2. you must show pictures……. must.,. have… good…. laugh!!!! lol

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