Isn’t it clever that the library keeps these toy apples by the giant “A” to show that apples start with “A”? Except the library didn’t actually put the apples there. In fact, they belong on the other side of the library.

How did those apples get there?

Ever since Lily learned her letters, every single time we go to the library, she takes it upon herself to put all the plastic food that starts with “A” and “B” by the giant “A” and “B” (the only two giant letters at the library).

What goes by “B”?

Bananas and bread.

If I try to put the plastic food back in the plastic food containers before we go, Lily will get upset and put them back by the correct letters because “They go THERE”.

So I leave a “mess” for the library staff to clean up. I wonder if as they put the apples, banana and bread away if they just see a mess or if they realize the kid who left them there was actually doing something pretty smart and mostly hilarious.


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