State of the Swing Set Delivery

I called Walmart about the swing set yesterday. After a lot of holding, the customer service rep patched me through to the people delivering the swing set. Why wasn’t I given that number to begin with? I don’t get it.

BUT ANYWAY, I updated my phone number no less than three times. They asked me if they could deliver the swing set Wednesday (tomorrow). I said fine. They said they’d call me back Tuesday (today) to give me a 4 hour window in which they’d deliver my FIVE HUNDRED POUND ITEM. You’d think you could get more specific with something that large, but WHATEVER.

Lily is in day camp this week. Other than drop off and pick up, I can be home, but obviously there’s two half hour periods I can’t be home. I was hopeful I could work around these two time slots with the company.

But guess what?

They haven’t called me today. It’s 4:39 pm Tuesday. When will my swing set be here tomorrow? Who the hell knows.

Again, the plight of the $100 shipping v. the $400 shipping (although we can all guess that $400 shipping would be just as bad or worse).

Will my swing set ever get here? Will I sit here all day tomorrow, but miss delivery because I’m dropping Lily off at day camp?

Stay tuned to Creative Kids Play’s Swing Set Adventure to find out!



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3 Responses to State of the Swing Set Delivery

  1. Susan

    I will never buy a swing set just because of the problems you are having. Good grief.

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