The Poppy Wars

Now that Rose can talk, her opinions over toys are causing quite the ruckus. She shares Lily’s love of Little People has her own ideas about who represents whom in our Little People Empire.

Ever since Lily started her Little People family dynasty, this farmer Little People has been my father, whom she calls Poppy.

Farmer Poppy

My parents own 10 acres with horses, a llama, miniature donkeys, cats, dogs, parrots and a peacock. A farmer doll that drives a tractor is a fairly accurate representation of my dad even though he’s not technically a farmer. He’s actually a practicing psychologist who spends most of his time in dress shirts, slacks and ties. Lily only sees Poppy on the “farm” (or farm without quotes. When you don’t produce crops it’s not technically a farm, but once you start boarding horses and taking in some money for that it might be a farm? I get confused.).

Well, last night Rose informed me that the farmer is not Poppy. The Hanukkah grandpa is Poppy. She was very assertive over the matter.

Jewish Poppy

This is pretty dead on too. My dad doesn’t have grey hair. He is balding, but nowhere near as bald as this doll. He is also Jewish, though he doesn’t really run around with a book with a Jewish star on it most of the time. MAYBE such a book would be around on Passover, but otherwise not so much.

Which doll will win out on the future role as Poppy? The war has started. For now, Farmer Poppy is winning because Lily is better at talking, but Rose’s case for Jewish Poppy is compelling. Will Jewish Poppy edge out Farmer Poppy? Only time will tell.



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