The Secret to the Perfect Father’s Day

I know, I know, Father’s Day was weeks ago. We just got off of Fourth of July, for crying out loud. This post is LONG overdue, but we skipped fireworks this year and didn’t take cute pictures of the kids in red, white and blue because we were traveling. Today or yesterday’s or Monday’s post should have been Fourth of July, but I failed. So, to make up for it, we’ll go back in time to the last holiday I blundered: Father’s Day.

Only one child cooperated with Father's Day pictures this year.

My husband is a genius who discovered the absolute perfect way to spend Father’s Day: Chuck E. Cheese.

“Why the hell would an adult want to go to Chuck E. Cheese on a holiday that’s supposed to pamper them? Chuck E. Cheese is so loud and crowded and chaotic. It’s like torture to go there!”

That’s exactly what I said the first time he suggested it! I thought he was crazy. Who wants to chase the kids around that madness on a day you are supposed to be pampered and having selfish fun?

Well guess what? While Chuck E. Cheese can be torture, on Father’s Day it’s not! Why is it different on Father’s Day? Because every other father in the world is thinking “I don’t want to be tortured today. No Chuck E. Cheese!”, which means that NO ONE is going to Chuck E. Cheese that day. NO ONE. It is almost completely empty.

As close as I can get to photographic evidence that Chuck E. Cheese was empty.

The first year my husband wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese on Father’s Day, I thought he was insane, but we walked in to an empty restaurant and had the whole place to ourselves. It’s even fun for parents when it’s empty! As my husband says, Chuck E. Cheese is like Vegas for kids… and he and I have some kid left in us so we have fun playing all the games in there.

This year when we returned for what is now our Father’s Day tradition of Chuck E. Cheese and Friday’s (we don’t eat at Chuck E. Cheese, we only play there), we again found the restaurant empty. Not only that, but the employees were testing out the machines and leaving oodles of tickets hanging out of the machines for whomever played them first to take. This time, we were literally the only people in the restaurant who weren’t employees. We practically didn’t have to watch the kids! It was fantastic: Not loud, not crowded, unlimited access to games, no crappy pizza. Perfection.

And the kids had fun too.

Of course, now that I’ve shared this information, it’s no longer a secret, but unless this post goes viral it seems unlikely to me that OUR Chuck E. Cheese will be inundated a year from now.


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