Toy WTF: Creationary

Disclaimer: If you don’t believe in evolution, this isn’t the post for you. I’m not looking to get into a debate about it.

A couple weeks ago I noticed Creationary in the toy aisle of our Ben Franklin.

Are these Lego people contemplating the existence of dinosaurs?

And I thought “Holy crap! Ben Franklin caters to Creationists!”

Because when I see the word “Creation” on a game that has a picture of a dinosaur on it, I think Creationism.

I was baffled about how one would play a game about Creationism. I envisioned touring a diorama in which Adam and Eve hang out with dinosaurs. How on earth is there a game to play about Creationism. Is it like Monopoly? “Visit the Garden of Eden!” “Rest here for the 7th Day!” “Go to jail for eating that forbidden fruit!” “$100 fine for skipping church!” “If you buy Jerusalem, you win the game!” I honestly don’t know what this game would entail because I’m a super lax Jew who likes scientific theory.

Curiosity got the better of me, so I went and picked the game up and discovered my idea of the game was completely off. It turns out that it’s a Lego game like Pictionary where you CREATE different things with blocks.

Ah, that explains the “CREATION” in “Creationary”. It also explains the “-ARY” (PictionARY).

But still, given the political environment and anti-evolution crowd running about, “Creationary” might not have been the best name for it.

Or maybe Lego was trying to draw in the Creationists?

Whatever the case, WTF? Good game idea in theory, bad name in practice. And perhaps the dinosaur wasn’t the best choice as a box graphic… And the question mark over that guy’s head? Totally pondering the nature of human existence. At least that’s what I thought when I looked at the box, read the title and saw the dinosaur.



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