Toy WTF: Pig Baby

I was recently accosted by this Lots to Cuddle Fun Sounds doll in the clearance aisle of my local Walmart.

Exactly what I envisioned when I set out to have babies: a pig baby.

It’s a creepy looking baby in a pig costume, holding a stuffed pig. Clearly this baby is a fan of pigs. I might be ok with that. Babies in costumes are cute even if this particular baby doll is ugly. So the toy company messed up and made an ugly baby doll in a pig costume. I can live with that.

What I can’t live with is the sound this baby makes when you squeeze it.

It oinks like a pig.

This in and of itself is not that strange considering it’s dressed like a pig. What’s strange, what’s creepy is that it oinks in a pig voice.

This is a baby that oinks in a pig voice.

If you’re thinking it’s the stuffed pig that must be oinking, you are mistaken. It is clearly the baby and not the pig. The sensor is on the baby. The pig can be removed from the baby and used as a separate toy.

I repeat this baby oinks in a pig voice.

Is it really a pig with a baby face? Is it the pig baby from “Alice in Wonderland”? I really don’t get what’s going on here.

I’m super creeped out by this doll. Why doesn’t it oink in a baby voice? It’s a baby! No baby can do a pig impression this good. If a baby must make a pig noise (and I don’t see why it must, but whatever), it should oink in a baby voice!

Because there are apparently not enough creepy dolls in this world, there are four other Lots to Cuddle Fun Sounds dolls– a chick, a cow, a kitty and a puppy. I haven’t actually seen these dolls in person so I can’t attest to whether or not they make animal sounds in baby voices or animals voices. I hope it’s animal voices because I do enjoy a creepy doll. So far, though, I think the pig is the creepiest in this line of dolls.

Pig babies. Ew! I think I’ll stick to my human babies… and avoid any pig costumes this Halloween because I’m creeped out!



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2 Responses to Toy WTF: Pig Baby

  1. Dayna

    “I hope it’s animal voices because I do enjoy a creepy doll.”

    Ha ha ha ha — awesome.

    Guess we know why it’s in clearance!

  2. julie

    “No baby can do a pig impression this good.” – Ha! :)

    I think this toy was invented as a gateway propaganda toy by people who want their children to be doctors but the kids keep saying they want to be vets.

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