Feed the Children– Conclusion

Friday Funnies have obviously been postponed today. I have a cartoon drawn, but I stupidly didn’t have my husband scan it earlier this week and he worked late yesterday. Our scanner/printer doesn’t recognize my personal laptop and we have to use my husband’s laptop for all printing and scanning. It really sucks. #1stworldproblems I hope to have today’s cartoon up by tomorrow.

This morning I loaded the kids into the car to go to the gym, then looked at the clock and realized we were too late to use the daycare. I know. Stupid. There had been a Woof Woof emergency that put us way behind schedule. Yes, even Woof Woof has emergencies. I’ll tell you about it during Woof Woof Week next week. You KNOW you want a whole week of Woof Woof. Who doesn’t?

So I decided we’d go to the grocery store instead. When you can’t burn off calories, clearly you should go buy more of them. The second Lily heard we were going to the store she yelled “I NEED MY MONEY! I NEED TO BUY ROSE’S MILK!

Technically she didn’t have any money, but I stuffed a $5 bill into the wallet I let her use yesterday and she was ecstatic– though it turned out I needed to supplement it another dollar because organic whole milk is RIDICULOUSLY expensive, but one of the only things in the world I’m crunchy about.

This time the money in "her" wallet wasn't really hers.

She held on to her wallet the entire time we were at the store and carefully handed her $6 over to the cashier. I let her have her own separate transaction and she thought it was the coolest thing ever. She REALLY wanted to buy her sister milk. I think the cashier thought we were insane.

It's kind of ironic that Lily wanted to spend money on something she's allergic to.

My father called while we were at the store and joked he was going to send us a check for groceries because clearly we must be in trouble if we were letting our 3 year old pay for milk.

Can you imagine the fuss if gas cost $6 a gallon? (I guess we'll find out soon enough.)

She used the scant change from her big purchase to ride the penny horse. She treated Rose too. I offered to pay the whole 2 cents for both of them, but Lily insisted she pay for it.

Hey, big spender!

She got such a thrill out of that whole experience that I’m contemplating giving her $6 a week to buy whatever she wants at the grocery store. It will be interesting to see if she always spends it on her sister or if she’d ever buy anything for herself. I would limit her purchase within that $6 ($6 instead of $5 because of the cost of milk) so she would learn about money. Something tells me she’ll continue to be selfless about it and buy things I’d never buy if given this opportunity at that age. I’m sure I’d buy ice cream or candy bars or toys every time.

I’ll keep you posted as to what she buys!


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