Feed the Children, Follow-Up

The overwhelming consensus for yesterday’s post about how Lily wanted to use her Princess Pig money to buy her sister milk was to let her do it. Lily and I talked about this, and this is what we were going to do.

Then this morning Lily and Rose had an epic battle over a magic wand. Rose threw a gigantic tantrum when it was Lily’s turn to use the wand. Everyone was crying and crying and crying. Rose screamed about the situation for over an hour, especially after I told her if she was going to behave this way she was done being a princess for the day. Oh boy, do NOT try to take a princess dress off of that girl. Terrible twos are terrible.

While Rose went on and on and on about the situation, I mentioned to Lily that we should probably get a second magic wand so people can stop fighting over the one we have. Lily’s birthday is about a week and a half away, but I don’t even want to wait that long. People have been fighting over wands constantly and I want that drama to be over NOW.

Because that’s how you fix drama and teach them to share: By spoiling them even more. Shut up. These days we really do need two of everything.

But then again, how much am I going to spoil these kids? Her birthday is about to happen. This is ridiculous. So I asked Lily if maybe she wanted to use some of her money to buy a second magic wand. She thought this was a great idea. We counted out her money. She had $7.89, enough for a wand AND milk (in theory). She said she wanted to buy both.

We went to Target and I had Lily pick a wand. A whole bunch of them were mixed together next to a sign that said something like “Circo Wands, $2.50″. Ultimately, Lily thought it should be a gorgeous white rose wand that was NOT a Circo wand, but had no price listed anywhere near it. All the other nearby princess paraphernalia with the same brand name was kind of pricey, so I feared the worst.

I suggested the cheaper wands, but she insisted the white rose was the correct wand. She was paying for it, so who am I to object (even though I was fairly certain she’d not only run out of money for the milk, but that I’d have to pay for part of this wand. I fail at teaching about money today. Oh well.).

Then she said something that killed me. I said “So you want this white rose wand? It’s very pretty!” And she said “No, I want to use my money to buy the wand for Rose. She likes it. I want her to play with that while I play with my star wand at home.”

Not only did Lily want to buy milk for her sister, but she used her own chore money to buy her sister a magic wand.

Everybody loves an overpriced magic wand!

It was so generous that I was almost moved to tears. Sure, it wasn’t entirely selfless. Lily wanted Rose to have the wand so Rose would leave Lily’s wand alone. But it was still the sweetest thing ever. Lily could have had a brand new wand for herself, but she chose to use her money to buy her sister the new wand.

Lily then said she still wanted to buy Rose “cow’s milk” because “Rose likes cow’s milk and she can’t run out!”

But Lily didn’t want to buy Rose milk at Target. She wanted to buy the milk at the grocery store.

And she will the next time we go, even though she only had $7.89 and the wand ended up costing $8.03 with tax. I will gladly hand Lily the money to buy Rose’s milk at the grocery store and let her think she did it herself. We’ll talk about how much her money is actually worth later when she isn’t being so ridiculously sweet and selfless.



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  1. Thats Awesome!!! She probably felt good about doing it and in the end she has learned something :D

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