Feed the Children

Lily and Rose had just cleaned the playroom, so I gave them coins for Princess Pig. I reminded Lily that when she earned enough coins, she could go buy something with her (and technically Rose’s) money. I asked her what she wanted to buy.

Lily: Food.

Me: Oh, fake food to feed your dolls?

Lily: No, I want to buy food for the fridge. We are almost out. We need more milk for Rose.

Me: Oh, that’s very sweet, but Daddy and I will buy more food for the fridge. You don’t need to use your Princess Pig money for that.

Lily: Rose is almost out of milk. I want to buy her more milk with my money. We can’t run out of milk. She needs her milk!

At dinner, I had poured the last of one jug of cow’s milk into Rose’s cup. (Lily has a dairy allergy so does not drink cow’s milk– which is why this was ROSE’S milk and not Lily’s.) She must have seen this and gotten worried about her sister.

Me: We aren’t out of milk. Daddy bought more milk yesterday. See? We have a whole new carton in the fridge. Daddy and I will always make sure there’s enough milk.

Lily: I still want to buy food with my money. We are almost out.

I guess I need to go to the grocery store?

It’s the sweetest and most selfless thing ever that she wanted to take care of our family. I suppose this would be one way to teach her about money, but I refuse to take my 4 year old’s chore coins to buy groceries when it isn’t necessary! Though maybe I should since she wants me to? What do you all think?



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  1. Emi

    Geez. She is SO me when I was her age. Ridiculous.

  2. Susan

    What a sweet and selfless gesture on her part. That shows what a wonderful job you are doing in raising your girls.

    Maybe you could chose a charity for hunger and teach her about giving to those in need? I don’t know which is a good one, but this one is floating around twitter right now (http://feedingamerica.org).

  3. Mo

    Let her buy some food at the store. One of the things to learn about money is deciding what to spend it on. If she picks groceries, let it be groceries. Then if she wants something else and there is not enough she begins to learn the lesson of picking what you want to buy – the concept that money is a limited thing.

    • It seems to be pretty unanimous that I should let her buy groceries. I guess that’s what we’ll do! I don’t know if she has enough coins for even one carton of milk, but I’ll let her think she does.

  4. Let her buy the milk, so she can feel proud of herself, but then secretly sneak the amount of money she spent on milk back into her Princess Pig. That way you technically didn’t take her chore coins, and she can feel helpful.

  5. mom

    How adorable! I think you should let her buy food. I think she wants to feel like she is contributing. What a cutie!

  6. Turn it into a learning experience for her. Take her to the store and tell her she can buy 1-3 things with her coins. (Of course having enough money to cover the difference.) Let her hand the money over to the cashier. She will feel so grown up and have the cashier hand her change back to her.

    lifeskills 101 lol

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