Forcible Drawing

Long ago, I made the mistake of drawing Lily some of her favorite cartoon characters. I’m no expert, but my Boots monkey bears enough of a resemblance to the real Boots monkey that she obsessively asked me to draw it again. Ever since then, whenever crayons or chalk come out instead of my kids drawing, I am forced to repeatedly draw Dora, Boots and a few other characters.

Things I'm being forced to draw against my will

Some of my characters are better mastered than others. If you can call ANY of them “mastered”.

Now Rose is in on the action and I really feel like I’m being accosted with the two of them after me to draw. Drawing should be about THEM coloring and drawing, but somehow it’s become this event where crayons or chalk are physically forced into my hands and small people are yelling “Draw Dora, Mommy! Draw Dora, Mommy!” over and over again, even if I just drew Dora 2 seconds beforehand.

Even my husband is being forced to draw these characters.

I should stop trying so hard because my kids recognize THESE as the characters!

Rose is particularly forceful and will find paper and a crayon and carry it across the house to find me, interrupt whatever I’m doing and “force” me to draw for her. She demands Dora, Boots, Elmo and Baby Elmo (a slightly smaller Elmo from a time I accidentally drew two of them) over and over again, to the point where I get an exasperated tone with her and refuse. “NO! I JUST drew Dora. She’s right here. I am not drawing her again! Go do something else! Or better yet, YOU draw Dora!”

Seriously. I thought the KIDS were supposed to draw, or at least color what I draw for them. Instead drawing is about watching Mommy create poor-to-mediocre imitations of tv characters and family members.

Someday they HAVE TO draw their own Dora, right?

If I have to draw Dora one more time, I’m going to scream. Not only is it boring and repetitive, but my inability to get her freakish pumpkin head the right shape irks me to no end. Why can’t I get her chin right? And MORE seriously WTF is up with her freakish pumpkin head to begin with?


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