He Said/She Said: The Rise of Baby Woof Woof Continued

So as you read, something truly momentous happened at our house last week: Rose finally got her own Woof Woof.

Mommy Woof Woof and Baby Woof Woof bond at a photo shoot.

Lily had been pushing for this for forever, as Dr. Toy Warden said, but where our opinions differ is what happened on the trip to make Pandy.

Lily got a gift card to Build-A-Bear for Christmas. I asked her what she wanted to do with her gift card and she said “Make Rose a Baby Woof Woof”– a statement second in sweetness only to her wanting to use her chore money to buy her sister milk.When we got to Build-A-Bear, Lily literally wanted Rose to have the exact same Build-A-Bear as her.

Don't look now, Woof Woof is naked!

Dr. Toy Warden says the reason we didn’t make Rose the Brown Sugar Puppy (aka Woof Woof) was that it wasn’t available. It was totally available! It was right there on the shelf. But I refused to bring home the exact same dog for another kid. I thought Rose should be allowed to choose her own “Woof Woof” aka special stuffed animal. If she had the exact same Woof Woof as Lily, it wouldn’t be “special”.

It was the dumbest thing I ever thought, really. Clearly, as months of fighting and further requests for a second Woof Woof have shown, Lily was BRILLIANT to want to get Rose her own Baby Woof Woof.

But at the time, it made perfect sense. “Woof Woof” = special Build-A-Bear. Rose should get to pick her OWN special Build-A-Bear. And she did. And then she never bonded with it because it wasn’t Woof Woof (she DID bond with the Love Bug Build-A-Bear I got her at Valentine’s Day, but she still fought with Lily over Woof Woof Prime.).

We didn’t find out that Brown Sugar Puppy was off the market until months later when Lily had a near-miss at losing Woof Woof forever. I decided that not only should we get Rose a Woof Woof, but Lily needed a BACK-UP Woof Woof. Brown Sugar Puppy was only $12, so I figured I’d go to Build-A-Bear, make two or three Woof Woofs and everyone would be happy indefinitely.

But when I went to Build-A-Bear, my brilliant plan was foiled. Brown Sugar Puppy was no longer available and Fudge Puppy sat in her place.

I didn’t know what to do. The dogs looked so alike… but they weren’t the same dog. So I didn’t buy any Woof Woofs that day. I went home sad and empty handed, though thought maybe we should get Rose the Fudge Puppy someday anyway.

Although I distinctly remember telling Dr. Toy Warden about Fudge Puppy, he doesn’t remember this and didn’t see Fudge Puppy in person until just a couple weeks ago. The second he saw it, he declared that Rose must have it as soon as possible.

Two Woof Woofs are better than one.

Baby Woof Woof should have become a member of our family months ago. Rose loves it, sleeps with it and plays with it all day long. I was a complete moron for not allowing a real Baby Woof Woof to come home last year. Always listen to your 3 year old’s ideas about what to buy for your 1 year old. She knows what she’s talking about!

That’s if I’m remembering this correctly. My husband claims I’m not, but I’m knee-deep in Woof Woof trivia. Who are you going to believe?



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5 Responses to He Said/She Said: The Rise of Baby Woof Woof Continued

  1. D.

    You know I think your husband is awesome, but I believe you. I pretty clearly remember us having a discussion about this.

    There appear to be a few Woof Woofs on E-bay, if you want to pick up a back-up. Then you’ll also need a back up of baby Woof Woof, but if either of them ever gets lost it’s totally worth it.

  2. Anne

    I think you posted somewhere about this back when it happened (is it on the other blog, on FB, on Twitter? who knows) but I distinctly remember you telling this story and your version is the correct one imho.

  3. I have a fudge pup but I can’t find them at build a bear I only find what you were looking for at build a bear

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