Inaugural Swing Set Injury

The swing set wasn’t even finished yet when Lily decided it best to Christen it with its first injury. I mean, it wouldn’t REALLY be a swing set until somebody got hurt. Although, come to think of it, our old, unstable, rotting, UNSAFE swing set never hurt anybody and we bought this swing set so the kids would be safe. Irony. Go figure.

After we ordered the swing set and showed Lily a picture, she immediately told everyone she knew that her new swing set had a telescope. When you are a future engineer/scientist, telescopes are VERY exciting, way more exciting than having your own clubhouse with windows that open and shut.

So when the swing set was nearly complete, we brought out the telescope and let her play with it. It seemed harmless enough. I mean, it’s just a plastic tube with no sharp edges. There didn’t seem to be any reason why she couldn’t play with it before it was attached.

Apparently this is a foreboding picture.

Little did I know…

Lily was looking at Rose on the swing through the telescope. She was a safe distance away from the swing so I didn’t think about asking her to back away. Unfortunately, the telescope was NOT at a safe distance. Rose kicked the telescope and it hit Lily in the mouth.

She started crying. There was blood. And I screamed “OH. MY. GOD. DID IT HIT YOUR TOOTH? DID YOU BREAK YOUR TOOTH AGAIN?!

And Lily spit out a big chunk of tooth. She broke the exact same tooth she broke LAST TIME. The prostetic patch of tooth came right out and took little bit more with it. She looked exactly the same as last time. It was total deja vu.

The second time around, seeing her tooth like this was not at all shocking.

In fact, it’s total deja vu. Although I witnessed her breaking the tooth this time and have no idea what happened last time, the situation is eerily similar. When she broke her tooth in March, we were supposed to leave to visit her paternal grandparents 8 hours away the next day. That was the last time we planned a trip out there. We are supposed to go to her paternal grandparents house on Saturday!

Is the tooth cursed? Is she going to break it every time we are supposed to visit her grandparents?

This time they were able to fix her tooth right away.

Breaking your tooth is so much fun! She told me all about how Peppa Pig ALSO broke her tooth.

She was very lucky because the root was not damaged even though the tooth has suffered two injuries in five months. This time she didn’t fight the dentist and this replacement looks way better than the last one did. I joked that maybe she broke the tooth because she wanted a better replacement. The dentist was not amused even after I explained I knew the shape of the old tooth was due to Lily’s lack of cooperation. He couldn’t get it the perfect shape last time while she was kicking and screaming.

Nitrous Oxide Addicts are so cool.

To add insult to injury, we learned that our dental insurance only covers one broken tooth every two years. Because we all run around breaking teeth on purpose. I know I always check my calendar and my dental records before I set out to break a tooth. Breaking teeth is so much fun! I’d hate to miss my chance to break a tooth while it’s partially covered (still very expensive).

Since she broke THE SAME tooth only 5 months ago, we had to pay out of pocket for this repair. The swing set’s inauguration set us back another $245.

I can only hope the tooth fairy will be paying us back for that $500 baby tooth.

I wouldn’t expect anything less out of an expensive new toy. You can’t buy anything that costs more than $500 without having some other major cost pop out of nowhere. The office manager is going to try to submit it as a medical claim, but she doesn’t sound very optimistic about it.

Anyway, I hope since we started out this swing set with such a big bang that our major injuries are out of the way.

And that Lily stops breaking her teeth every 5 months, because seriously. Not cool.


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