(Late) Friday Funnies: Not a PC Moment

Oops, now it’s Sunday and we only just did the scanning (I say “we” because my husband is the scanning pro). Friday Funnies shouldn’t be late again… at least not for the next 3-4 weeks because he scanned ahead.

This happened to us on Friday night at a preschool function.

Holy un-PC moment!

The boy involved was the son of someone in my husband’s department. His hair was so long and beautiful and his features so delicate that even my husband and I weren’t entirely sure if he was a boy or a girl when we met him until we realized his shirt was as masculine as his name (Though, if his name were two letters different, we may have still been confused.).

He was perfectly nice to Lily, but I guess she’s never seen a boy her age with long hair before and it freaked her out. After this embarrassing public encounter, we talked about how some boys have long hair and some girls have short hair. I know things can get a lot more complicated than that, but for now that explanation will have to do.

Needless to say, I hope she’s a lot nicer the next time a kid who’s a little different wants to play with her.


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