Not for Short People

So we have all the tools and accessories required to build this swing set, but something almost went very wrong when it was time to put on the roof.

I don’t know how your average sized ladder is supposed to make it so you can reach the top of this roof, but my husband and I both realized this part of the project was meant for people much taller than us.

Recommended size ladder isn't tall enough when you are short.

I’m a whopping 5’3″. No matter what I stood on, I could not reach the top of this thing, much less tilt a drill at a proper angle to get a screw in properly. I can barely use a drill properly when I CAN reach things, which might be part of the reason we are on Day 4 of this project and aren’t finished. My husband is somewhat better than me with tools, but he’s only 5’6″ so he had trouble reaching things too. He had to stand on the swing set platform and stand on his tiptoes to reach to put in the top boards in the roof. It was incredibly awkward.

The whole time he was doing this, we were both thinking about how much easier it would be if one of us was properly tall. A tall person could reach this roof with no problems.

Instead, we were handicapped by our shortness. If my husband had been even an inch shorter, we might have lost an hour or so hunting down a taller ladder.

We put in another 3 hours today, bringing us to at least 24 hours of work, 3 times what was predicted. We aren’t finished yet. We have at least another couple of hours to go, but we’re getting close.

It may look done, but trust me there's a lot of work left to do.


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