Patio Perfection

Ever since we got our new patio set, Lily has been disappointed. She likes the table and chairs, but she’s distraught that our set doesn’t look just like the picture on the box.

Our set didn’t come with an umbrella. We are planning to get one soon, but that’s not the only thing that’s missing if you ask Lily. Lily thinks our patio set won’t be complete until we have a bowl of strawberries and a vase of sunflowers, just like in the picture.

Here’s a video of Lily going on and on about how the patio set needs these accessories.

There’s also a bit at the end about how I made too much noise talking on the phone with my sister after Lily had gone to bed. Apparently she couldn’t sleep because I was too loud and she snuck (spellcheck claims “snuck” isn’t a word, but I disagree. It also claims “spellcheck” is not a word, so what does it know?) out of bed and hid on the stairs playing quietly. Dr. Toy Warden was not home when this happened. I heard a noise, then Lumpy barked. I freaked. I walked towards the stairs and noticed the front door was unlocked. I panicked! And then there was Lily sitting on the stairs! In this video she sadly tells me that she couldn’t find me… on the stairs. Because that’s where I apparently usually sit all night after she goes to bed. Or never.

Anyway, Dr. Toy Warden and I are determined to perfect our patio set for Lily. We absolutely will be getting a vase of sunflowers and a bowl of strawberries so the set is complete. We wouldn’t want to let Lily down!

Coming next week: A Week of Woof Woof– or at least several days about some recent MAJOR developments with our favorite Build-A-Bear.


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