The Raisin Crisis

This week a catastrophe has occurred. Rose discovered that her fingers get pruney when they are wet. She finds this extremely upsetting, to the point where she ends up crying every time she gets them wet and checking them throughout the day to make sure they AREN’T pruney. Since she often eats with her hands, she gets pruney fingers more often than you’d think.

Since my kids have never eaten prunes, I’ve always called pruney fingers raisin fingers. So Rose keeps looking at her fingers and crying “Raisin fingers! No raisins! Raisin fingers! RAISINS!!!!!!!!!!”

World-ending raisin fingers.

Lily, my husband and I ALL tell Rose it will be ok and the raisins go away when her hands get dry, but this serves as little comfort to her. She cries about it until the “raisins” go away. During this particular session, she went on for a good half an hour. My comforting her did no good. And she didn’t want to get out of the tub or be held, so I wasn’t being THAT horrible of a mother taking pictures of it.

Raisins followed her out of the bathtub.

What makes me a questionable mother is internally giggling the entire time she is traumatized about it. I comfort her, but damn is it hilarious to me. Oh no! Raisin fingers! The world will end… until the raisins disappear 10 minutes later.

Oh for those golden days before she discovered her raisin fingers. Are all baths going to end in tears now?

When the raisins finally go away, she examines her fingers some more and says “Raisins? No raisins. All better.” Then she asks to see my hands, examines them and says “Wrinkles”.


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