The Rise of Baby Woof Woof– Dr. Toy Warden’s Version

Hello Toy Readers. This is The Toy Warden’s husband making today’s guest post. In March 2010 Lily made her first Build-A-Bear trip. She seemed very confused at the time, but this would be a very special day for Lily getting her favorite stuffed animal Woof Woof.

This was also Rose’s first Build-A-Bear experience, although it appears she slept through it. Lily was very excited to get her Woof Woof, although it was not apparent here.

Ever since then, Lily goes to bed with Woof Woof, takes trips with Woof Woof, dresses up with Woof Woof and now plays on the swing set with Woof Woof.

For the past several months Lily insisted that Rose should have her own Woof Woof even wanting to use her own gift card money. When we first investigated, we were denied. Woof Woof had been discontinued. We also couldn’t find any miniature version which would have been ideal. We let Rose pick out an alternative and she seemed to like this Panda, which we named “Pandy.”

Disclaimer: Dr. Toy Warden and I have completely different memories of what happened here. I will write a separate post later today about what I believe REALLY happened when we went to create Pandy. And I can’t believe I could be wrong about this. He has to be remembering it wrong. HAS TO.

We were excited that Rose had her Woof Woof, but clearly Pandy was no Woof Woof. That’s actually Lily in the above photo, because Rose was hardly in any photos with Pandy. While Rose liked Pandy, she seemed to only want it at her tea parties.

We had all but given up at getting Rose a Woof Woof until a recent trip getting Woof Woof some new clothes. We saw this puppy in the same spot on the far right (being the cheapest).

It looked just like Woof Woof, except obviously darker. This was even better than getting the exact same Woof Woof. This one would be distinct and could be Rose’s very own. We decided to come back a week later and make this a very special trip. Unfortunately, Toy Warden couldn’t make it, so I was left to document the festivities.

We were relieved to see the new Woof Woof hadn’t been discontinued during the week. However, we were initially blocked by a throng of campers in weird hats.

I thought we would never make it through as these guys were pretty scary looking, but we were not going to be denied. In fact, when Rose grabbed the unstuffed Woof Woof, she wouldn’t let go. So we had to get a second one for the bear builder to stuff, while Rose clung to the other one. Also notice Lily brought her Woof Woof along for this historic occasion.

Somehow I was eventually able to pry the unstuffed Woof Woof out of Rose’s clutches and we headed over to give the new nonflimsy Woof Woof a bath.

Despite Lily’s insistence, Rose wouldn’t give the new Woof Woof a bath.

Lily picked out the new Woof Woof’s dress.

Lily decided the new Woof Woof should be named “Baby Woof Woof” even though she is the same size as the now “Mommy Woof Woof.” Here is Rose sitting at one of those computers.

We hung out with the Chick-Fil-A cow.

Rose and Lily played in the play area.

We all made it home.

Stay tuned later for some He Said/She Said about how Baby Woof Woof came to be.


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