Toy WTF: Nameplate

We finally finished our swing set on Wednesday.

It looked like it was done for the last few days of construction, but a bunch of the adorable details needed to go up before it was finished.

But, technically, if you read the instructions, we are not finished yet. We skipped what is obviously a vital piece of our swing set.

That’s right, after 30ish hours of construction (when 8 were predicted) and tightening hundreds of screws and bolts at sometimes precarious angles, our swing set is not complete until we drill in the brand name.

Will our swing set fall down without this?

I actually tried to get my husband to install this because I thought it was hilarious, but I lost that debate. I could technically do this myself, but he’s right. Their expectation of us to install this is completely obnoxious.

Seriously, Gorilla, if you want your brand name on the swing set in other people’s backyards, YOU put the screws into the wood to display it. The people who just spent 30 hours building a swing set aren’t going to do it.

Other than that and our unexpected new tooth cost induced by the new swing set, we love this thing. It’s way cuter than the house we’re living in. Also, the kids seem to think it was a wise investment.

This seems like an insane thing for a 22 month old to be able to do.

Swing set fans forever.


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