Toy WTF: Swapping Heads Revisited

Previously on Toy WTF, we explored Mattel’s decision to make Barbies with removable heads. And we all said “WTF? That’s disturbing!”

Well, now one such Barbie has made her way into our home.

Ack! Where'd her head go?

I still am disturbed and don’t get it. When you press a button, Barbie’s head and neck come off all the way down to her cleavage. Then, if you have another swapping head doll, you can pop the head on the other Barbie and she can go off in the other doll’s clothes. Except, she could have kept her own head and just changed her clothes the way she did when I was a kid. I really don’t get the benefit of removing her head.

When my sister found out about Swapping Head Barbies, she got really excited and pointed out that Barbie’s head popped off all the time during kissing accidents and you couldn’t get it back on properly. We had many Barbies facing this affliction when we were kids. She said with a swapping head, you wouldn’t have to worry about a broken-headed Barbie because it was designed to come off anyway and would still fit back on.

It’s a nice theory and would be a great explanation of the benefit, but Barbie’s head still attaches to her neck the same way. The construction there is identical and I assume that a make-out session with Ken could still result in a broken-headed Barbie.

So what we have here is still a very disturbing doll who is easily decapitated for no good reason. And, of course, my girls absolutely love popping her head off. It is possibly the most exciting (and disturbing) thing they’ve ever played with based on their enthusiasm about decapitating this Barbie.

I am disturbed.

WTF, Mattel?!


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