Friday Funnies: Two “Ollies”

A couple weeks ago, we ran into a little boy who shares Lily’s REAL first name, or at least the nickname for it. Lily and Rose go by their middle names on this blog for privacy reasons, but I will reveal that while Lily’s first name is very feminine, her nickname is unisex bordering on masculine. The nickname that she identifies as her first name is uncommon enough that in the nearly four years she’s been alive this was the first time we ran into another kid with her name.

Let’s say her nickname is Ollie (it’s not). When Lily heard the other mom calling for “Ollie”, she ran right over and a variety of hijinks ensued.

Lily/Ollie continued to follow Boy Ollie and his mom around the park the entire time we were there. She played every round of hide-and-seek with them and listened whenever his mom said he needed to get a drink of water. She followed the directions given to Boy Ollie better than any directions that were ever meant for her in her entire life.

Of course, the same name confusion wasn’t always good.

It’s always fun to make someone else’s kid cry.

For days after we met Boy Ollie, our Lily/Ollie  talked about the event. “We met a BOY me while we were at the park. He was an Ollie, but he was a boy! I played hide-and-seek with boy me.”

I love that she referred to another kid with her name as “boy me”.

Luckily she wasn’t too disturbed by the fact that her nickname could be a boy’s name. I, on the other hand, have been more tempted to call her by her more feminine formal first name ever since this transpired even though her nickname was technically inspired by a 6-foot tall male Indian friend of ours. (We just really liked his name.)


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