Woof Woof’s New Duds

Woof Woof has had a uniform for about a year: pink sheep shirt, Hello Kitty underwear and pink leggings. For ages, I’ve been trying to convince Lily that changing Woof Woof’s clothes was a good idea, but much like the battle we had to get Woof Woof in clothes in the first place, Lily was against making any changes to Woof Woof’s exterior. People had bought Woof Woof princess dresses, wedding dresses, an Elvis-esque jumpsuit (This was ok when Woof Woof was cold), Korean clothes (ok if Lily was wearing HER Korean clothes)– for day-to-day wear, none of it was acceptable to Lily. She only wanted Woof Woof in her uniform.

A year of wearing the same clothes day in and day out while traveling to every park in Northwest Ohio has had its toll. Woof Woof’s clothes have been washed on many occasions and now are worn, dingy and pilled. While I’m totally cool with stuffed animals becoming “real” “Velveteen Rabbit”-style, I didn’t like how ragged Woof Woof’s option clothes were looking when other, far cuter alternatives were possible.

This spring I’d been paid with a gift card for some freelance work I did. Recently I reminded Lily about the gift card and suggested to Lily that Woof Woof might like new clothes because her uniform was looking very old.  For some reason, putting it in these terms made Lily very anxious to get Woof Woof out of her old things.

According to Lily, none of the other clothes I and other family members have purchased for Woof Woof in the past would do. Woof Woof had to have something special and new.

Like a pair of jeans and a Hello Kitty shirt.

Clearly the most becoming outfit at Build-A-Bear.

Seriously? Out of all the adorable outfits Build-A-Bear has to offer, Woof Woof comes home in jeans and a t-shirt? I am disappointed.

But apparently it’s important to Lily that Woof Woof wear comfortable play clothes all the time. When we got home I pointed out the other cute clothes we have for Woof Woof, but Lily is sticking to her guns once again.

Woof Woof is one casual gal.*

Come to think of it, Woof Woof and I dress exactly alike, minus the Hello Kitty logo. Perhaps I’m Woof Woof’s fashion inspiration?

I’m honored.

*Baby Woof Woof, whom Lily also picked clothes for, wears a tutu-inspired dress. What’s the deal with that?



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