Woof Woof’s Underpants

You know you are a mother when you find yourself making alterations to a stuffed animal’s underwear… and this is the reason you didn’t make it to the gym within daycare hours.

The clothes we recently bought at Build-A-Bear are looser than Woof Woof’s previous clothes. Woof Woof’s new pants and underwear kept falling down and her shirt kept showing too much stuffed animal cleavage.

Lily has trouble getting Woof Woof’s pants up because of the tail, so I had to put Woof Woof’s new pants back on over and over and over again. I was getting pretty frustrated by this, and I wasn’t the only one. But I didn’t think to fix it until one day Lily turned to me and said “Mommy, you need to fix Woof Woof pants like you fixed my cherry pants! You sewed my cherry pants so they wouldn’t fall down. You are so good at sewing, Mommy!”

I’m really really not good at sewing at all, but I can make amateurish crude alterations to pants to make them stay up around a tiny toddler waist. Lily was right about that.

Woof Woof is having a much easier time playing on the swing set now that she doesn't have plumber butt.

I promised Lily I would alter Woof Woof’s pants while she was sleeping, then promptly forgot. The next morning we were about to leave for the gym when Lily came to me with tears in her eyes. “Mommy, you didn’t sew Woof Woof’s pants. She needs them to stay up!”

I sewed the pants on the spot. I also made tucks in the shirt because I don’t think Woof Woof wanted to be quite so scandalous.

I was ready to get up and go again when Lily came running in with Baby Woof Woof’s droopy underwear.

“Baby Woof Woof needs you to sew her underwear too!”

I hope this is the stuff she remembers: That I would stop everything to crudely alter her Build-A-Bear’s underwear. Not that I lost my cool and yelled at her for peeing in her nighttime pull-up 2 minutes after she put it on. I have a feeling the pull-up incident will stick more though. Oh, motherhood.


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