Young Authors: Toy Story Friend Book

I have TWO epic posts on hold right now waiting for scanned pictures and a chance to retake a video. Stay tuned for those. For now, another book I helped Lily write:

"Jessie has a ponytail. Woody doesn't have a ponytail."

I was later informed that I got this wrong. She meant that HAMM put the money in with his foot. When I was writing this book for her, I tried to clarify if Andy put the money in because I didn’t remember him doing anything with his feet. She was pretty insistent then it was Andy. Later she changed her mind and now she keeps telling me I “wrote it wrong”.

And here she forgets the book is about Toy Story. I think the book is more hilarious when she changes subjects.

But not actually jumping rope, trust me. She later got very mad at me because the boys at circus camp did not have cake at camp.


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