A Tale of Genius!

Rose just held up the letter “S” and said “‘S’! ‘Ssssssss’ sound!” and I was blown away. Clearly she is an absolute genius. I mean, I was impressed enough that she knew it was an “S”, but to know it makes the “Ssssss” sound when she’s not even 2 yet? Genius!

Then she picked up a “R” and said “R!” I wasn’t that surprised. She knows a lot of letters and her name starts with “R”, so if she’s going to know a letter, “R” is a good one to know. I tell her what sound a “R” makes fairly often, so I asked her what sound the “R” made. “‘Ssss’ sound!” she said. She then continued to pick up letters, tell me what they were and inform me that the all made the “sssss” sound.

Needless to say, I’m not as blown away as I was 20 minutes ago. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.


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