Changing Station Week: Awkward Situation

This changing station was in a restaurant in St. Louis.

What a thoughtful location.

This changing station inconveniences EVERYONE.

Rose makes it hard to tell, but a regular-sized adult would have to turn sideways to fit between the changing station and the stall doors. The doors open outwards into the changing station. Not only does the changing station block people from getting to the stalls, but people already in the stalls are trapped inside them once the changing station is down.

It’s a poorly thought out, stupidly placed changing station. There is no reason this station should be where it is when the handicapped stall has plenty of room for a changing station.


Really, I should start a business designing public restrooms because the people doing it now are complete and utter morons.



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2 Responses to Changing Station Week: Awkward Situation

  1. Anne

    It must be made this way in case a rapist comes and in and you need to box him in to make your get away… It’s the only *plausible* reason ^^’

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