Changing Station Week: Too Short

Living far away from family sucks. It means that MANY times a year you have to travel with your toddler. And maybe YOUR toddler likes traveling (unlikely), but mine does not.

Due to Rose’s propensity toward poop warfare* during such trips, I have visited almost every rest stop between Northwest Ohio and Northwest Indiana AND St. Louis. Most rest stops get changing tables VERY wrong. This time I was actually brave enough to take out my camera, yes my REAL camera, not a camera phone, to take shots of ridiculous changing station situations as I saw them. Here’s the first such situation– a rest stop somewhere in Illinois.

Is this supposed to be a potty-training cue?

Now, I know that since Rose is almost 2 years old we should be considering potty training and I also know that Rose is a little big for her age, but this is ridiculous. This changing station says to me that only newborns need their diapers changed. Anyone over the age of 6 months does NOT need to fit on the changing table. Clearly they should be changed somewhere else. Where, I’m not sure.

I mean, I know we could do this in the car, and have done this a lot, but if the back of the van is loaded up for a trip, there’s really nowhere to change her. She’s gotten far too big to change on the front seat.

So, changing station designers, take note. Some babies taller than 25 inches still need to be changed. In fact, I’d wager half the diaper-wearing population would not fit on this changing station.

While Rose was lying on it, Lily and I just laughed and laughed at how ridiculous she looked.

Rose was not as amused.

But seriously, who makes a changing station that short?


*Poop Warfare: When a baby poops more often than usual to get more attention or plans out her poops to delay naps or bedtime.



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  1. This is one of my pet peaves! I can’t stand the diaper changing station problem. Especially when it’s not provided. I have been known to bring the stinky baby out in to the dining room and change baby on a table of the restaurant. Burger King in North Ridgeville, OH and Wendy’s in Holland, OH and a few others.

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