Evil Plan

This picture is filled with minor personal victories of evil plans fulfilled.

Lily would never willingly wear that dress. I bought it for her last year and was really excited about it. When I tried to put it on her, she screamed no and told me she couldn’t wear dresses when it was cold outside. I had pants to go with it, but she still didn’t want to wear it. She absolutely refused to put it on. On the few occasions I managed to pull it over her head, she’d scream and tear it off.

I thought this dress was wasted forever. I was sad at the money I wasted on it and the cuteness that had to sit in the closet and never be worn. It was one of my favorite things I’d gotten Lily that season.

Well, here we are a year later and Rose, who is 2 years younger but nearly the same size as Lily, can wear the dress. And she does! Willingly! So my evil plan to get SOMEONE to wear this dress has come true.

Even more evil, I convinced Rose to let Baby Woof Woof wear that pink dress. My sister got that pink dress for Mommy Woof Woof last year and Lily refused to let Mommy Woof Woof wear it. I’ve suggested it repeatedly over the last year, but Lily would never let it happen. Mommy Woof Woof must stay in her uniform (or a nightgown).

I showed Rose the dress and she got really excited. Baby Woof Woof has been wearing what Rose calls the “Sleeping Beauty! Pink! Sparkle! Princess!” dress for more than a week. My evil plan worked there too.

And the last bit of evilness in this photo– Rose is wearing pigtails. Pigtails! I can never get Lily to let me do her hair, but Rose asks for pigtails and likes them (sometimes. She has to be in the right mood.). Evil dream accomplished.

Maybe I need to expand my goals, but when I look at this picture I see a whole bunch of evil plans coming true.

I wonder what else I can get Rose to do that Lily hated? I need to keep experimenting. Maybe I can even get her to take a shower instead of a bath. Now that would be magical.


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