Friday Funnies: The Easy One

Boy, the Terrible Twos have hit hard here. I’m getting payback for Lily not really having a Terrible Twos. Trying Threes, sure. Terrible Twos? Not so much. Rose sure knows how to throw a tantrum. She should write a book about how to do it properly.

Lily is right, she’s gotten easier, but I don’t know if it would be a fair assessment to call herself “The Easy One”.



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3 Responses to Friday Funnies: The Easy One

  1. LOL…. This reminds me of me and my sister. My mom told me that my younger sister was the hard headed one and the one who tried her the most up until age 10… me on the other hand… I was the easy baby until age 10… lolol! So look out! :-D

  2. Anne

    I can’t help but notice that you have amazing volume and hairstyle in this strip! Looking good!!!

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