Strawberries and Sunflowers

As I previously posted, Lily was upset our new patio set wasn’t fully assembled yet because we didn’t have an umbrella, strawberries or sunflowers like in the picture on the box.

We had to Martha Stewart up our patio set a little.

We thought this was so hilarious that we indulged her. A couple weeks ago, we had a special day where we specifically went out and bought the “necessary” patio set accessories. The patio set would fall over for sure if it didn’t have strawberries or sunflowers.

Our neighbors, who can see what a pit our house is when our shades are up at night, must wonder who we are trying to fool with this decor-driven set up.

I don’t have the endless funds or patience to keep fresh sunflowers and strawberries on my patio set at all times, so both the strawberries and the sunflowers are fake. My neighbors must think I’m absolutely nuts to keep fake strawberries in a glass bowl on my patio set whenever we are out there, but Lily is insistent. We keep the vase and bowl on our kitchen table and take it out with us whenever we go outside. If I forget the vase and bowl, Lily reminds me and runs back inside to bring them out herself. The patio set must look exactly like the box picture whenever we are outside.

I bet you wish you had foam strawberries on YOUR patio table.

The first time we had the fake strawberries outside, Rose took a big bite out of one of them and threw a fit when I took them away.

But fake strawberries are VERY important to the integrity of our table, so they stay out there. Amazingly, no more strawberry attacks have occurred, but whenever we have other children over to play, they ask to eat strawberries. And I have to crush their little hearts. We have no real strawberries. Or maybe we do and you can’t have any right now. Sorry.

I am still endlessly amused that Lily wants our patio set to look like the picture whenever we go outside. The umbrella has to be up and the strawberries and sunflowers in their spots. It has to look perfect.

Future Martha Stewart.

And yet 90% of the time her playroom and bedroom are carpeted with toys and books. Is there a way we can transfer some of that Martha Stewart attitude over to her desire to clean? Or, for that matter, mine?


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