Subway Girl

Me: Where do you want to eat dinner on your birthday?

Lily: Subway. I really like Subway!

Me: Subway? Are you sure you don’t want to go for Mexican? You like guacamole and salsa.

Lily: No. I want to go to Subway. I really like Subway! Nonni and Poppy have never been to Subway. I want to eat with them there!

Actually, my parents HAVE been to Subway, though the way they acted when we got there indicated otherwise. Not only were they unfamiliar with the menu, but my mom ate the sub horizontally instead of vertically. Like an ear of corn instead of a hot dog. WHO DOES THAT?

Probably the messiest possible way to eat a sub.

Anyway, Lily loves Subway so much that we actually took her there for both lunch AND dinner on her birthday. It was super extravagant and fancy.

And exactly what her little 4-year-old self wanted. And that’s all that matters.


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