Tooth Fairy Faux Pas

One night before bed, Lily broke down in tears.

“Peppa Pig lost her tooth and the tooth fairy came and brought her money. When I lost my tooth, the tooth fairy never came!”

Oh crap.

It was not a good mom type of moment. It hadn’t occurred to me the Tooth Fairy to bring Lily money when she broke her tooth because she hadn’t actually lost a tooth. Sure, she lost PART of a tooth, but not in the traditional, healthy way that normally triggers a Tooth Fairy visit.

I mean, technically, most of her tooth was still in her mouth.

I told Lily that I forgot to call the Tooth Fairy because she hadn’t actually LOST the tooth. She broke the tooth. But she was absolutely right. She deserved a visit from the Tooth Fairy. I told Lily I would call the Tooth Fairy after she went to bed to remind her that Lily deserved a Tooth Fairy visit even though she didn’t lose an entire tooth.

Then I begged my husband to remind me to sneak into Lily’s room before I went to bed make sure the Tooth Fairy came.

And I’m nearly the worst mom ever because after all of that, I still almost forgot to put money under her pillow call the Tooth Fairy. I was already in bed before I remembered how traumatized Lily was about Peppa Pig getting a Tooth Fairy visit when she didn’t.

THIS IS ALL PEPPA PIG’S FAULT! How dare she inform my child about the Tooth Fairy’s existence! If it weren’t for Peppa Pig, Lily never would have known that the Tooth Fairy and I failed her! Sort of! Broken teeth are not the same as lost teeth, but I guess that doesn’t matter when you are in preschool.

Anyway, despite the fact that it was the absolute last minute when the Tooth Fairy had a VERY busy night, I was able to get in touch with her and she wrote Lily a lovely apology note and left it under Lily’s pillow with $1. I don’t know if the Tooth Fairy left you a note, but she always left me a note when I was a kid and it was one of my favorite parts of losing a tooth. The note from the Tooth Fairy is almost better than the money.

Sure enough, Lily was really excited about the note from the Tooth Fairy. Like mother like daughter, I guess. The Tooth Fairy’s handwriting is slightly different than I remember it, but pretty close. She adds a lot of flourish and swirl to her letters. It looks like it takes her a painstaking amount of time to write like that. The Tooth Fairy could cut back on her work if she simplified her handwriting a little, but I guess kids would have trouble telling the note was from a fairy if it didn’t look fancy.

The morning after Lily discovered the Tooth Fairy note under her pillow, she woke up in tears because the Tooth Fairy had not come to leave a second note. Needless to say, the Tooth Fairy was not aware that she was now supposed to come every single night. I explained to Lily that the Tooth Fairy only comes once per tooth, but this answer wasn’t good enough. So the Tooth Fairy came that very night to write a note explaining this and that she loved Lily very much, but couldn’t come every night.

Lily kept that note under her pillow for a LONG time.

Phew, it must be really rough to be the Tooth Fairy when people have so many non-typical requests from you. Who knew she was supposed to come for broken teeth? Or every night after her first visit?

Anyway, I hope the Tooth Fairy doesn’t have to visit again until a baby tooth is lost for traditional reasons. Two broken teeth in 5 months is two broken teeth too many.



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6 Responses to Tooth Fairy Faux Pas

  1. Trigem

    With my first two, I made a horrible Tooth Fairy. I almost always forgot so one morning I handed over the money. Then I told them to just remind me when they lost a tooth and I would pay them.

    I hope I will remember the first few at least for my daughter she is all excited about losing teeth after watching Yo Gabba Gabba.

  2. Emily

    So funny! We had our first tooth fairy visit a few months ago and it wasn’t one I was ready for. Our 2 yr old had to have an injured tooth extracted. (Oh, and I found this Mom’s Guide to be so helpful as we were going through that.) Leading up to it, I scoured the internet for tooth fairy ideas and I discovered plenty of parents who had totally forgotten to leave money for teeth that had completely fallen out of their kids’ mouths!! So, you get a free pass on this one! :)

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