Toy WTF: A Little Too Much on Display

There’s a problem with, oh, probably ALL the Tinker Bell action figures.

The only way they’ll sit is spread eagle. They can’t stand unsupported, so if you want them to place them in an upright position, they have to sit. Spread eagle. Their skirts are short, so you get a good glimpse of their underwear.

I guess at least they are wearing underwear? All their dollie goods would be on display otherwise.

I mean, it’s pretty vulgar to see your fairies go all spread eagle and flashing everyone.

Surely there’s a better design for this? Barbie never sits like this. Barbie is a lady. She’s prim and proper. She keeps her legs all straight and together when she sits. Sure, she’ll make out with Ken until one of their heads pops off, but she generally doesn’t sit spread eagle.

Seriously, WTF with the Tinker Bell flashers?


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