Toy WTF: Tiny Shoes

Lily got This Kohl’s exclusive Tinker Bell doll set that includes three fairies as well as three extra outfits and plastic charms for… what I haven’t figured out yet. The charms don’t have attachments to link them to any pre-existing necklace, so their purpose confuses me. I assume their purpose is to clutter the floor and eventually get lost. At least that’s the purpose at our house.

For the link phobic, this is the type of doll we got, but in a slightly different set.

Lily loves the dolls, but now that they are out of the box I am absolutely baffled by the removable clothing, especially the shoes. These dolls are about as slim as my index finger and I have small fingers. It’s almost impossible for me, an adult, to change their clothes. Lily can’t change the clothes at all. They are so little and tight, it’s ridiculous. When dolls are this size, they should not have removable clothes. Their clothes should be a permanent part of them.

But these dolls’ dresses are almost generously sized compared to their shoes.

These wouldn't be easy to lose at all.

That’s right, two shoes fit inside a dime with room to spare.

This is ridiculous. Barbie shoes are two to three times that size and they are almost impossible not to lose. Lily and Rose immediately started knocking the shoes off the dolls. I put rubber bands around them, but the rubber bands and shoes continued to fall off almost constantly the first two days we had them.

I ended up super gluing the shoes onto these dolls’ feet. There was absolutely no reason these shoes should have been removable in the first place. These are teeny tiny plastic dolls for small children. No one would have complained if the dolls had shoes painted on their feet.

Instead someone decided to get fancy and make these ice cream sprinkle sized shoes removable.

Stupid and dumb. WTF?


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