TV Tuesdays: New Marina

The other day I was in the kitchen while my husband was watching “Fresh Beat Band” with the kids in the living room. Suddenly I hear my husband, Dr. Toy Warden, say:

“What the…? Who is THAT?”

Lily: “That’s Marina, Daddy.”

Dr. Toy Warden: “That is NOT Marina. Did they change Marina?”

Me: “How could they change Marina? That’s ridiculous. It must be someone else.”

I came in the room and sure enough there was a girl with red hair who was supposed to be Marina, but she was clearly NOT Marina.

Me: “OMG, they changed Marina! How could they change Marina? That girl looks freaky.”

Lily: “That’s Marina. She has red hair.”

Me: “Um… yes. You’re right.”

It was not Marina. Marina, previously played by Shayna Rose, has been replaced by a new actress, Tara Perry. According to what I can find, Shayna Rose left to pursue other interests (like perhaps acting and singing in a more dignified setting) and “get married”. Because getting married, I guess, means you have to leave the Fresh Beat Band?

Shayna Rose, aka Marina #1, the good Marina

The new Marina looks nothing like the old Marina. They didn’t even dye her hair the same color. She looks ridiculously different. I wish they had written her out of the series and added a new band member rather than just plop in this new actress who fools no one (except for Lily, apparently). If she hadn’t been wearing the same outfit (with a few modifications) as the old Marina and people weren’t calling her Marina, I never would have guessed who she was.

Tara Perry, aka Marina #2, the imposter

I think this may be the beginning of the end for Fresh Beat. I thought the show was doing great up until now, but suddenly they change the actress AND the outfits. It’s not the same show and even if Lily didn’t notice there’s a new Marina, I can guaranty that most other kids will.

Also, Twist looks really old all of a sudden. He aged a good 5 years since the last new episode I saw him in, and it wasn’t a 5 year old episode. So maybe it IS time for some new blood on Fresh Beat, but let’s write in new characters instead of just swapping look-alikes that look NOTHING alike.

I’m way more bothered by this than I should be.



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2 Responses to TV Tuesdays: New Marina

  1. i think its wrong for tv executives to just assume that children are dumb and gullible and will believe that the new person is exactly the same as the old person. The best example i saw of a switch in characters was on blues clues…. the old character actually introduced the new character under a different name, and they were termed as “cousins”. Even though they dressed nearly exactly alike, the writers of blues clues did not patronize the childs mind.

  2. heather

    you clearly have too much time on your hands. no 1 in our household even notice after watching all the episodes.

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